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We would like to welcome you to our ground-breaking program at JAMP University. Here, you can learn how to join the numerous JAMP Transformational Coaches who are changing people’s lives on a daily basis and earn certification in cutting-edge techniques that apply the JAMP treatment. You will receive training on how to help clients free themselves from distorted and negative thinking using JAMP from qualified coaches. The methods developed by Dr. Lahab Al-Samarrai are innovative and far more efficient than conventional approaches. Check out our certifications and lectures to discover why.

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This program is devised to teach an in-depth understanding of Jungian psychology, as well as how to master the fundamentals of the Jungian Advanced Motor Processing® treatment that was developed by Dr. Lahab Al-Samarrai in May, 2020.

This treatment, which was developed in the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic, uses advanced hypnotic techniques to stimulate the right brain/left brain connection, strengthening the connection between the two hemispheres. This in turn helps the person release traumatic images, sensations of discomfort, pain, negative thoughts, and self-defeating dialogue that developed due to one or more traumatic events.

JAMP Treatment helps release and integrate these splinter images from the complexes by using hypnotic techniques, which help release the image fragments that are held in the complexes. Once these fragmented images are released, they are understood by the Psyche as a symbol and can be integrated. The process in which we interact and receive information with our environment is thus: it starts as a stimulus that elicits an emotion/reaction that is transformed into a feeling that becomes a thought then it is transformed into a symbol that is integrated into the psyche. Thus, trauma follows a path where an emotion such as fear, rage, or a stimulus for example a sound or image that is caused by the traumatic event is dissociated in the complexes, because the traumatic event is so chaotic and terrifying to our Psyche it must dissociate.

What is the purpose of this training?

This program is devised to teach an in-depth understanding of Jungian psychology, as well as how to master the fundamentals of the Jungian Advanced Motor Processing treatment that was developed by Dr. Lahab Al-Samarrai in May, 2020.

What do JAMP Transformational Coaches do?

JAMP Transformational Coaches are highly trained professionals who assist clients in addressing a broad range of issues, such as trauma, anxiety, negative self-image, and self-defeating beliefs and behaviors.

These coaches utilize the principles of Jungian psychology and the Jungian Advanced Motor Processing (JAMP) treatment developed by Dr. Lahab Al-Samarrai. During 90-minute sessions, JAMP Transformational Coaches work closely with their clients to guide them back to their true, authentic selves. They provide support, guidance, and practical techniques to help clients explore their unconscious mind, understand their unique patterns and symbols, and integrate their conscious and unconscious aspects. By facilitating this process, JAMP Transformational Coaches assist clients in achieving personal growth, self-awareness, and transformative change.

Where do JAMP Transformational Coaches work?

JAMP Transformational Coaches have the flexibility to choose their work settings based on their preferences and the needs of their clients. In general, the majority of JAMP Transformational Coaches are self-employed individuals.

They may establish their own private practice and work with clients in a dedicated office space. Alternatively, they can provide coaching services remotely via videoconferencing platforms, allowing them to work with clients from various locations. Some JAMP Transformational Coaches may also choose to join an existing coaching practice, mental health clinic, or wellness center where they collaborate with other professionals in a shared workspace. The specific work setting can vary depending on the coach’s individual choices and the accessibility of their target clientele.

What are the educational background requirements for this training?

To become a JAMP Transformational Coach, certain educational qualifications are required. Candidates must hold a master’s degree in a relevant field such as mental health, psychology, social work, or counseling.

These degrees provide a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding in human behavior, therapeutic techniques, and the theoretical frameworks necessary to support clients effectively. Additionally, professionals with doctoral degrees in related disciplines or those who have extensive coaching experience are also encouraged to apply for JAMP Transformational Coach training. The educational background requirements ensure that coaches have a comprehensive understanding of psychological principles and therapeutic approaches, allowing them to provide competent and effective guidance to their clients using the JAMP methodology.

I am a JAMP coach so I could continue to learn how to release my own built up tensions and trauma effects. So I could help others to learn how to help themselves do the same. So I could learn from others that have gone through the same evolving journey. So I could see that a part of my purpose for living is to help others free themselves of the internalized and embedded misery that trauma has created within and partially convinced them that they are born to be this way.

Eric Tomlinson