Ever since I’ve learned about JAMP™, I have been a big advocate of this novel therapy. I’ve found it extremely helpful in supporting my clients in their healing process. More specifically, I’ve found that JAMP™’s prolonged bi-lateral stimulation and positive affirmations can help induce a deep hypnotic state and help regulate individuals’ nervous system enough, so that it makes it more accessible for my clients to work through difficult emotions and experiences. JAMP™ facilitates access to unconscious psychological processes and enables insights to occur that are vital to understanding the root cause of the mental health symptoms my clients present with.  Moreover, JAMP™ provides a safe body-mind state for clients to integrate and process their presenting issues. JAMP™ is also a body-focused therapy which incorporates the body into the healing process. Especially, in my work with individuals who struggle with eating disorders, I find this approach to be essential to support my clients towards integration and embodiment.

Virginia (Gigi) Alcalde, MA, LMHCA, RDN, CD

My experience with JAMP™ has been life-changing in so many ways. I became a JAMP™ Coach because of the healing I experienced in my body on a somatic level, and the mental clarity I have gained regarding who I am.

I noticed behavioral patterns that I had been unknowingly repeating for many years began to change after each session, and I loved the feeling of liberation that came with it.

As a Psychosomatic practitioner, JAMP™ is a new and innovative way to clear somatic pain in a short amount of time.

JAMP™ offers relief from the repetitive patterns of past trauma that keep us from discovering our true selves.

Christy Foster

My start in the coaching world is via Tapping, Emotional Freedom Technique. It’s the platform I’ve used thought my coaching career. Enter JAMP™…and enter the openness and willingness of Dr. Lahab to allow me to integrate Tapping into the amazing JAMP™ process he created. JAMP™ is a highly effective technique in treating clients. What I especially love is that Dr. Lahab is a licensed psychotherapist and he has found a way to move beyond talk therapy and shorten the curve for amazing results for clients. I find it especially wonderful that he has been able to use all of his training to create a powerful process that carries with it lasting results which is so needed for clients. It’s an incredible tool I have in my toolkit to continue to help clients progress consistently.

Marti Murphy